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Clinical cancer panel sequencing


Our latest collaboration with clinicians, geneticists, and medical counselor spawn a new generation of low-cost panel of 'actionable' genes and mutations that are known to affect predisposition for cancer, contribute to response to standard radiation and predicted response to targeted therapies.

This sequencing panel includes heritable markers (germline in blood or urine) and spontaneous (somatic changes in frozen or FFPE tumor tissues) mutations with sound clinical recommendations. A report of suggestive treatment regimen and clinical counseling are offered as one product.




Functional assay Antibody validation 


In collaboration with Morgan and Mendel Genomics, we helped to develop the next generation functional assay to access rapidly effects of pathogenic variants using small sample of blood. We helped to develop a State-of-the-art method to capture native mutant proteins for risk assessment on various mutations. This ex vivo assay is simple (cheap) and rapid. A decentralized test platform, suitable for use in various markets; includes remote and isolated locations.


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Cancer diagnostic tests


Metabolome profile of aggressive cancers

Collections of cancer cohorts from several parts of the world is currently underway to develop profiles associated to each group, potentially increase sensitivity and cost effectiveness in designing studies by reducing sample sizes.

Novel markers are currently tested for cancer diagnostic applications.


Universal POC cancer test kit

We are developing simple biochemical assays for detecting novel biomarkers of metastatic cancer. Collectively, these will facilitate the development of a unified test strip for rapid evaluations, and remote applications.